Welcome to our place!  This is our FOURTH year working the concession stand.  We are a local family run business and we are looking forward to supplying your refreshment/hunger needs.  Please come treat yourself to something sweet after the game.  Be sure to check out our menu.  We offer no sugar added shaved ice in three flavors. 

We would like to introduce our family to you.  Our names are Todd and Kellie Ferguson we are the Owners.  We have both lived in Marysville our ENTIRE liVeS.  We have 4 children (ages 12,10,6 and 5)and love to spend time with all of them.  Todd is a mail carrier and Kellie is a stay at home mom.  Todd is the coach of a softball team that we have sponsored and ONE of our girls play on that team as well. 

As we grow as a company we will be selling at different places.  Once again we will be at the City Baseball/Softball fields (ball fields at Schwartzkopf park) AND AT eLJER PARK (FOR BASEBALL/SOFTBALL SEASON) this year.    We will be there every evening Mon-FRI AND SAT AS SCHEDULE ALLOWS during the baseball/softball season.  As we will have softball games that we will have to be at, we will have very dedicated people working in the concession stand.  You can count on us!  We look forward to seeing all of you again!!  Our menu will be more limiteD at Eljer Fields than at the City Fields.

We ARE EXCITED TO BE AT THE uNION COUNTY FAIR AGAIN this year!!    Check out pictures on picture page from our shaved ice eating competition at the Fair!!!  It was a blast!!!!  The winner ate a large shaved ice in 1 min 26 sec.  That is crazy!!!!  wE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR OTHER EVENTS DURING THE END SUMMER/FALL TIME.

We take pride in providing good service.  If there is anything that we can do better please let us know by going to our contact page and sending us an email. We are also interested in providing concessions for auctioneers, feel free to contact us if you know of someone who is in need of our services.

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